Birth Stories

I get to watch people's lives bloom. I've been lucky enough to shoot weddings, see people leave their military lives in retirement ceremonies, and helped welcome sailors back from the sea. No matter what the occasion, I'm always happy to share your ups and downs and be a part of your family for a day. Births are in another realm entirely. I cheer you on, I chat with your family, run for ice chips, and when that baby finally arrives, the truth is, I'll cry. There is no greater honor than to be asked to be a part of your labor and delivery. 

How it works: to ensure that I can come as soon as you give me the thumbs up, I will only accept one due date per month. 

I will not schedule homecomings or ceremonies the two weeks around your due date.

You'll alert me of the first signs of labor. I will leave my house as soon as you alert me that you're at 7cm. I stay through the whole delivery process and stay until after the nurses come back for measurements, weights, foot prints, etc! This is usually done one hour after baby is born. You are usually recovering and getting oriented so I will be your eyes while this goes on, catching all the small beautiful details.

After hospital staff wrap up their work, I'll snap a few family portraits and be on my way to let you be a family without me.

2021 Pricing

Though I'm open to home births and all hospitals, the San Diego hospitals I'm familiar with are: Naval Medical Center San Diego (Balboa) and Kaiser. If you're delivering at a different hospital, please ask your doctor about photography rules.

Birth Story Session: all usable images from the day (40-100+), time with me from my arrival until after birth. I will stay to capture baby's measurements (usually taken at 1 hour of life), and photos of you and your family with the baby. $850

Ready to book or have more questions? Email me here: