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Greetings from Hampton Roads!

I’m Iliana. I’m a lot of things. A coffee lover, a wife, a photographer, questionable meme sharer, but above all, and most importantly to me, I’m a mom!

There is no stronger bond in the world than the love of a mother, and nothing more relatable than making tiny humans. My journey through motherhood has been… a long one. I have a 5 year old who is a wild animal, and one child whose soul was too strong for the body he had. 

Motherhood has been hard, but sweet and the most rewarding gift in my life.

My second passion is helping women document their journeys through motherhood. I specialize in maternity, newborn, and military life photography.

But if you're a child free couple and afraid I'm not for you, you're wrong! I've done some fun sessions with families who are child free by choice, and I'm here for you. Whether you're a single father, child free by choice, by fate (guess what, I struggle with infertility too), a family with 8 step kids, a couple with 3 dogs, a same sex couple, I'm here for you. To capture your memories and to make art to hang on your walls, and heirlooms for your loved ones.

I'm also a navy wife who takes great pride in documenting all the best parts of your career and military life like homecomings, commissioning/promotions and of course retirements!

I can’t wait to start your journey with you and watch your family bloom. I will cry at your birth and cheer with your family. I'll cry as I snap you being piped ashore for the last time. I end up being friends with most of my clients, so you’ve been warned. 

xoxo iliana

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