The Adventure Sessions

Hey parents! Yes you!

Time to step out from behind the phone, and in front of my camera. Join the kids, relax, and have fun. You create the memories, I’ll capture them.

Maybe you’re the kind of family who doesn't like perfectly posed photo sessions, maybe you have your hands full juggling the kiddos while trying to take pictures while also doling out snacks and keeping everyone in 1 piece. I get it, I’ve been there. Strawberry picking, a picnic in the park, a short hike (please go easy on me), an afternoon fishing, some time out on your boat, an afternoon at the beach, or simply baking cookies at home and relaxing in your at home oasis,  whatever YOU do for fun, let’s do it! 


I want to capture your memories and make sure you're in them! 

The Adventure Package

Approximately 1.5 hour of adventuring in the Hampton Roads area with ALL the best images (40+)  from your session, PLUS a super fun video slideshow with licensed music to watch over and over again: $450.

So if you haven't watched the video below yet, hit play, un-mute, and imagine you're in all of them, with your kids, instead of worrying about everything else!

So if you're ready, click the button below to tell me about your special day.

This family chose an Adventure Session to send to Dad on deployment. They were also getting ready to leave San Diego, so we jumped in their golf cart and cruised all around Coronado to visit all of their favorite places they wanted photos of. So we got shots of the kids on their skate boards for dad, drove to the waterfront to get an Abbey Road inspired shaggy Corona hair cut shot, visited the Coronado sign, stopped by the tree the boys climb after church and finished at the beach we met at. 

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